Mission Part 1


Relationship With God

As a church, a local gathering of believers in Northern Mississippi, it is our desire that every person we come into contact with will be in union with Christ. 

The Bible tells us of the only, wise God who is the God of all creation. The bible also tells us, in contrast to God's holiness, all of humanity has gone astray and is under the curse of death, physically and spiritually. But according to God's amazing grace, He sent His Only Son into His creation, to be the all-sufficient sacrifice for our sin. The bible calls us to believe in Christ, repent of sin, and trust in him. When we do this, by God's grace, we are united with Christ, clothed in Christ's righteousness, counted as innocent. 

As God has demonstrated His love towards us through the giving of His Son, we urge everyone to believe, repent, and trust. 

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Relationship With Others

Not only are we brought into a relationship with God through Christ, we are also brought into the family of God. We see this on the small scale as we unite with a local body of believers. Thankfully we haven't been saved to be spiritual orphans. We are given the gift of uniting with other believers in the context of a local church and growing together through worship and service. As a local gathering of Christians we are called to stir up (provoke) one another to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:23)

So our mission as a church doesn't stop once someone believes, repents, and trusts. We believe this is simply the beginning of God's sanctifying work. As a part of our mission, we desire that every Christian who attends Fairhaven would commit themselves to the body through biblical church membership.  

As part of our mission we seek to grow together as we commit ourselves to intentional, regular bible study and prayer. To meet this objective we offer Bible Groups that meet throughout the community at various times during the week. We desire for every member of Fairhaven to be involved in a bible group.